Mcalistair Accounting

We want to remove the daunting task of “running a business” from our clients by taking the day to day operations off their plate. We would like our clients to focus on what they know and what they like to do, not waste time on services we can provide for them.

About Us


Mcalistair Accounting offers professional accounting services including analytical bookkeeping, Compliance, UK tax planning, Payroll, VAT Returns, Business Set up, and professional accounting advisory.

Mission statement

Mcalistair Accounting will provide each and every client with a collaborative process to solve your problems. We want to work with you to help with the things you need to do and teach you the things you want to learn. That way you can focus on what you do best – running you business.


At Mcalistair, our culture is energetic and exciting.  We aim to help move the accounting profession into the digital age by automating records, using cloud based solutions, and providing our clients with as much real time information as possible. The days of ledger paper and green shaded visors are long gone.

As members of the International Association of Bookkeepers, we offer a flexible, professional and dedicated service and guarantee that all bookkeeping will be carried out to an exceptional standard. guarantee that all bookkeeping will be carried out to an exceptional standard.

Our Work flow:

Ask Questions

The first step is, and always will be, sitting down with you to discuss your business and exactly how we can help.


Once we have an initial understanding, we will set objectives with you that make sense and will best meet your needs as a business owner.  


The last stage is to sit down with you and review everything we have done to make sure you’re satisfied and you understand the results.

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and we will will respond to you as soon as possible